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The IOLA Fund generally gives priority to programs that already receive IOLA grant funds. However, the Trustees encourage applications from other programs engaged in the provision of civil legal services if the need, client population, or geographic area that it serves is not addressed by existing programs. The Trustees also encourage applications from innovative programs that help expand access to equal justice for poor persons.

If you wish to apply for future IOLA funding, review the
Regulations of the Trustees. You may wish to contact the Fund’s Executive Director before completing an application to discuss whether your organization’s mission, focus and activities meet the IOLA Fund’s grant program requirements.


The purpose of the IOLA Fund is to ensure effective access to justice and to ensure stable, economical and high quality civil legal services to the poor throughout New York State.

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In 1983, with the strong support of the New York State Bar Association, the legislature created the New York State Interest on Lawyer Account Fund ("IOLA") as a means to provide additional financial support to civil legal service organizations.


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