Contact Information

The IOLA Fund of the State of New York
11 E. 44th Street, Suite #1406
New York, NY 10017

Phone: (646) 865-1541
Fax: (646) 865-1545


Board of Trustees

Daan Braveman, Esq. Pittsford, NY
John A. Cirando, Esq. Syracuse, NY
Mary Rothwell Davis, Esq. New York, NY
Douglas W. Dunham, Esq. New York, NY
Paula Galowitz, Esq. New York, NY
Andrew Leider, Esq. New York, NY
Susan B. Lindenauer, Esq New York, NY
Edwin J. Lopez-Soto, Esq. Rochester, NY
Kathryn Grant Madigan, Esq. Binghamton, NY
Hon. Eugene Nardelli New York, NY
Paulette E. Ross, Esq. Buffalo, NY

Staff Roster

Christopher O'Malley, Executive Director  
Michele D. Agard, Director of Administration  
Christine M. Fecko, Esq., General Counsel  
Alfred Liz, Bank Liaison & Technical Administrator  
Jose M. Perez, Jr., Office Manager  
Jessica Reyes, Grant Program Analyst/Administrative Assistant  
Valeriya Lukonen, Grant Program Analyst  
Juliette Moffatt, Bank Remittance Specialist